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Solberg school -a presentation in English

Welcome to Solberg School

Solberg school is connected to The National Centre for Epilepsy, Division of Clinical Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital. This centre is designated as a national centre of competence in epileptology and comprehensive epilepsy service. 

Patients are admitted to the centre for seizures that are of uncertain origin or that are difficult to treat, for evaluation of surgical treatment and post-operative controls, and for psychosocial problems related to their seizures and comorbidity. Most patients need a multi-disciplinary service. The school plays an important part/role in the multi-disciplinary service.

The centre and the school are located close to Sandvika in Bærum. Elementary and secondary education for in-patients in Norway are the responsibility of county administrations. Solberg school is administrated by Viken county.

Solberg school provides education services for the patients admitted to the hospital. We offer educational services on elementary level, lower secondary level and upper secondary level. We provide assessments and observations of the students` academic skills and educational needs. We also offer advice to the student`s home school.

The school has three groups on elementary level and two groups on lower and upper secondary level. The school staff consists of teacher assistants, teachers, special education teachers, and speech therapists. The school has approximately 30 – 40 students daily. A student`s stay in our school may vary from 3 – 18 days.

Learning challenges for students with epilepsy

Students with epilepsy have different types of challenges related to school and learning. These challenges may involve:

  • Memory difficulties
  • Reading-, writing- and mathematical difficulties
  • Language- and communication difficulties
  • Executive function (self-regulation)
  • Reduced psychomotor speed
  • Attention difficulties and low impulse control
  • Academic underachievement
  • School refusal


Multidisciplinary assessment and analysis

The multi-disciplinary team aims to analyze the comprehensive needs of the patient and the family. The team may consist of medical staff, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, a social worker and special need teachers. The team members collaborate and share observations and assessment results that may contribute to a better comprehensive understanding of the patient`s challenges in daily life and at school.

An in-patient stay with multi-disciplinary assessment and analysis includes a summary meeting when the stay ends. The multi-disciplinary team invites parents, representatives from the local school, the Educational-Psychological Service (PPT) and other relevant participants to discuss what has been done during the stay and how assessment results can be relevant for the student at home and in the local school. The meeting is conducted as a video conference. A written report from Solberg school will be forwarded to the local school and to the Educational-Psychological Service (PPT) in agreement with the parents.


Headmaster: Anne Myklebust


E-mail: annemykl@viken.no